More Facts About LEVITRA

If you are planning to take LEVITRA, you should educate yourself about erectile dysfunction. You should read about the medication before you take it. Here are some facts about LEVITRA.

Can I Drink Alcohol When I Take LEVITRA?

You should avoid drinking alcohol because it can increase the side effects of the medication.

In addition, you should avoid drinking grapefruit juice and eating grapefruits because they may interact with the medication.

Can I Use Drugs That Treat Impotence With LEVITRA?

You should not use any drug that treats impotence like alprostadil (Muse, Caverject, Edex) or yohimbine (Yodoxin, Yocon, others) unless your doctor tells you to.

Is LEVITRA Approved By The FDA?

LEVITRA is approved by the FDA to treat erectile dysfunction. The only three oral medications that have been approved by the FDA to treat ED are LEVITRA, Cialis and Viagra. These medications all work the same way. They increase the blood flow into the penis so that a man can get an erection and maintain it, when he is sexually stimulated.

What Precautions Should You Take Before Taking LEVITRA?

If you have any medical conditions, you must tell your doctor before you take LEVITRA or any other medications that treat ED. If you are allergic to any medications including VIAGRA or other medicines that treat ED, tell your doctor. Tell him if you take any nonprescription or prescription medications, dietary supplements, vitamins or herbal supplements.

If you are planning to have surgery done, even dental surgery you must inform your doctor. In addition, if you take a long-acting nitrate to treat pain in the chest, tell your doctor because the combination of these drugs may cause dangerously low blood pressure.

Tell him if you take alpha-blockers for prostate or blood pressure problems. You should follow the directions on the prescription label and ask your pharmacist or doctor to explain anything that you do not understand. Do not take LEVITRA or any medication that is used to treat ED, more than once per day.

What Are the Differences Between  LEVITRA, Cialis and Viagra?

LEVITRA, Cialis and Viagra work in a similar way to cause erections. The differences between these medications are subtle. Some of these drugs work quicker than others. LEVITRA works for a longer time than Viagra, but they both take effect in 30 minutes or so. The effects of Viagra last for about 4 hours. The effects of LEVITRA last for 5 hours or so.

Cialis works faster, within 15 minutes and the effects last for a long time. Some people reported that the effects lasted for up to 36 hours. If one of these medications does not work for you, it is unlikely that you will have success with a different medication, because these medications work the same way.